Moujen Electric

Moujen Electric manufactures high quality switches and other controls, at competitive pricing, supporting a wide variety of electrical, industrial, automation and electronic applications.

Industrial Limit Switches

Moujen series M4 Limit switches with cable.   Moujen series MJ Limit switches.  Moujen series MJ1 side-mounted limit switches.  Moujen series M8 safety limit switches.
M4 Limit Switches  MJ Limit Switches  MJ1 Limit Switches  M8 Safety Limit Switches 

Mini Limit Switches

Moujen series ME mini limit switches.   Moujen series MEA mini limit switches.  Moujen series MN mini limit switches.  
ME Mini Limit Switches  MEA Mini Limit Switches  MN Mini Limit Switches   

Micro Switches

Moujen series MV micro switches.  Moujen series MVS micro switches with force guided contacts.  Moujen series MJ2 micro switches.   
MV Micro Switches  MVS Micro Switches  MJ2 Micro Switches   

Front Panel Switches, E-Stops & Controls

Moujen series M22 pilot controls.   Moujen series M6 pilot controls.  Moujen model B3 switch box 22mm  
M22 Controls 22mm  M6 Controls 16mm  Series B Switch Boxes 22mm   

MFS Foot Switches

   Moujen MFS series foot switch with all plastic body    
  MFS Foot Switches     

High Current Terminal Blocks

   Moujen series MTB terminal blocks.    
  MTB Terminals     

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